Keep On Keeping On


Anyone else feel like this is the absolute longest winter…EVER?! Even so, I am thankful to the Lord for the changing seasons. I’m not only talking about seasons in the “weather” sense, but also in the “life” sense. There have been times when I felt like the hardships and trials would be too much to bear for one more second; but God’s promise is to walk us through those valleys and see us to the victory at the top again. The same goes for the changing of the four seasons. While I’m absolutely ready to dive head first into pleasant sunlit days, He has purposed for this cold, right now. He is teaching me a calm and trust that I couldn’t have learned if I wasn’t forced to be still and wait.

Let me pose a question: Have you ever looked back and realized you were thankful for a time in your life when you were struggling through something? I recently came to that realization. I was taken back in time through an old song I hadn’t heard in months and months. It triggered memories of a particular time when I was struggling through some personal issues. During that time I spent hours in prayer, begging God to move. I sought Him like no other time in my life. I cried through every (and I mean EVERY) worship song. I was broken and tired and only felt peace in the presence of my Heavenly Father. I couldn’t wait for this “season” to end but now I wouldn’t change it for the world. It taught me so much about myself; but most importantly it brought me to a place of complete surrender. As the song drudged up old feelings, it also called to mind a scripture that spoke volumes to me, “’How do you know me?’ Nathaniel asked. Jesus answered, ‘I saw you while you were still under the fig tree…’”( John 1:48).  This reminds me that nothing you experience in life comes as a surprise to God. He saw me as I sat in the midst of my trials and knew what I would learn there. Take comfort, my friends, in the knowledge that greater things are yet to come.

As I reflect, I understand there was a purpose for that season and every season since. I know there cannot be rainbows without rain. God brought me through with a renewed sense of life. He opened my eyes and allowed me to take on a new outlook. The “winter” had its time but there is always a “spring” around the corner. I feel a special kind of peace in knowing that God has allowed me to grow and mature in ways I never thought possible. Rest assured that as long as our eyes are upon the Lord, He directs our steps; to WHERE and WHEN they need to be. Remember to trust in EVERY aspect of God’s timing. The seasons will pass and before you know it you will feel the sunlight on your skin.

Jessica picture Jessica Cisneros

4 responses to “Keep On Keeping On

  1. Thank God for His mercy and grace every day – even in those cold, dark seasons. So glad He sees us right where we are and brings us to a brighter day!


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