It’ll take you far
Fast and hard
Keep you longer than you thought you’d stay
Grab your soul
Won’t let go
And be with you when you’re wide awake

Dreams, dreams
sometimes it seems I’m haunted by my dreams
Pray, oh, I pray
‘Cause I know these dreams can carry me away

Dreams, we all have them; we’ve had them since we were children.  In our younger days it was dreams of wanting to fly with the birds, being a superhero or being a princess.  As we grew up our dreams changed into something more realistic, to wanting to become things like doctors, lawyers, social workers, nurses, preachers, teachers, wives or mothers. Our dreams, or the desires of our hearts, give us something to work toward and look forward to.  However, when dreams don’t turn out like they are supposed to or don’t come to fruition at all, it can be a tough pill to swallow, and those unfulfilled desires can haunt us into the future.

I have been blessed in my life to see several of my dreams come true.  As a little girl sitting in the football stands watching the Leander High School marching band, I dreamed of the year when I would be on the field marching with them.  I worked all through my middle school band years to make it onto the field my freshmen year. The first time I put on my uniform, I started jumping up and down.  I was seeing my hard work pay off.  I was finally a member of the award-winning Leander High School marching band. I nearly cried the first football game marching when we marched around the track.  Moving on from high school I went to college to become educated in a career in teaching.  From the time I was little girl all I can remember is my dream to become a teacher.  I remember waking up one time on the last day of school thinking I was one day closer to being a teacher and I still had about 15 years to go.  But in October of 2010, my dream of being a teacher came to life as I accepted a 2nd grade teaching position.  With all of my dreams that have come true, the biggest dream of my life, my dream to become a wife and a mother has yet to come true.  It is the dream that, at times, haunts me.

This dream has often caused me to ask God repeatedly “why haven’t you granted me this desire of my heart” or “what’s wrong with me”?  It has led me to listen to the lies of the enemy telling me “I’m not pretty enough to get married” or “I’ll never make a good wife/mother”.  For awhile it led me to believe that at almost 30 years old,  if it hasn’t happened already, it wasn’t going to happen, so I resigned to living a lonely, single, kidless life.

Well, would I be?
Lost or free?
Cost is cheap when you know you need
The helping hand
A guiding light
Somewhere to go on my darkest night

Dreams, dreams
sometimes it seems I’ve been saved by my dreams
Pray, oh, I pray
‘Cause I know these dreams can carry me away

Dreams can also be a guiding light; they can be what keeps us going when we want to give up.  In the midst of the 100’s of projects and term papers was a knowing that at the end of my college journey, there would be a teaching job with my name on it.  In the lowest and darkest points of my life, my dreams were what kept me from hurting myself. At a time when I could not see out of the pit of darkness I was in, the desires that God had placed in my heart kept me going.

God places dreams and desires in our hearts to give us directions for our life.  If we remain faithful to him and turned to him in prayer for guidance, the path on which the dreams take us promise to fulfill the desires of our heart. So keep going; keep reaching for your dreams and don’t give up.  And never cease praying for directions and guidance on your dreams.

Bobbie Jo pic Bobbie Jo Miller

2 responses to “Dreams

  1. God is faithful and just as He has fulfilled your other dreams, He will fulfill your dreams of being a wife and mother. This is your time of preparation, so don’t wish it away sweet girl. Use it to let Him mold you and shape you into who He sees you to be!


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