Heavenly GPS

To nowhere and back
Is where I’m heading fast.
Looking straight ahead
Right into the past.

Never far to go
On this never-ending journey.
Round and round I go
Without ever turning.

How soon will I get
To where I’m not going.
Have I been there and back
Without ever knowing.

Do I turn around and go back
At the end of mid-stream.
Do I turn around and find
It’s all been a dream.

I wrote these verses several years ago during a time of deep confusion and chaos on the inside of my soul. There seemed to be darkness so black and hollow that it consumed all the light that came near my life. It was like I was driving on a country road, with no moon, no headlights and no street lamps; complete and utter darkness, where the sky and the ground were indiscernible. I didn’t know where I was coming from or where I was going to in my life. Ahhh, but God…as my dear friend, Ginger, used to say.

In this life we have the ability, if we choose, to plug in a Heavenly GPS. When we come into relationship with God through His Son Jesus, He gives us the Guide (the Holy Spirit) to help us along our paths in life. And there can be many different routes in life that will still get us to the chosen destination, but only the Guide knows which is the best route for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11). When we look at the map on the screen, sometimes we question the best path the Guide has shown us. Surely there’s a better way, a quicker way, a prettier way. And so sometimes we second guess the directions given, and choose different paths and end up some place we never intended. Some place just like that dark and lonely country road I found inside myself on so many years ago. Ahhh…but God.

There have been other times when I’ve had every intention of staying the course and following the Guide, but for whatever reason I missed a turn. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see it coming up so quickly. It didn’t look like what I thought the turn should look like, so surely that couldn’t be it; yep, it was, I realized as I passed it. There are days, weeks, years when I feel like I’m on some type of traffic circle that just keeps going round and round the same ground and I can’t seem to time the correct turn to get off of it. Sometimes we get distracted by things or people around us or even the enemy hollers at us just as we’re getting ready to turn and we look away and we miss it. Ahhh…but God.

In that time of darkness in my soul, when I felt so completely turned around and alone and I didn’t know which way was up, I was never lost to God. My Heavenly Father knew exactly where I was. I was never out of His line of vision or knowledge of my whereabouts. And if I’m willing, when I’m ready to follow His Guide, He can direct me out of those dark places and back into His light (go one mile, make a left and then a hard right), back onto His best path for my life. But it’s my choice. He’s not going to force me to follow His directions. He’s not going to take control of my life’s vehicle and do the steering for me. He’s given me that right as His creation, to CHOOSE to follow Him. Choose to seek His best way for me. I must choose to tune into His Guide, to turn down the distractions of this world so I can hear His voice and then follow His Directions.

“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way…” – Isaiah 30:21a

photo 2 Sherryle Cantu

2 responses to “Heavenly GPS

  1. I love the verses you wrote! You did a wonderful job of articulating the internal pain we’ve probably all experienced at some level on our journey, and many of us cannot put into words. And you did an even better job of articulating your journey out of that darkness. 🙂


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