You Throw Like a Girl!

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“You throw like a girl.” Why, yes, I do. I also run, scream and cry like a girl. Because I am a girl! (Although I prefer to use the term woman or young woman.)

According to Genesis 1:27, we are created in the image of a holy and sovereign God; an image bearer, if you will (“in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them”). So even as a girl, I have value to God.

When I hear phrases like, “You throw like a girl,” or “Don’t be such a girl,” and it is meant as some kind of insult, I get angry. Comments like this devalue the female population in general, as well as priceless creations of Almighty God. There should be nothing wrong with being compared to a woman, if you view them as equally created. Think about all the comparisons to people, groups, cultures or races that are no longer acceptable in society. They are offensive, insensitive and demeaning – and rightly so – except this comparison. People rage at racial slurs and intolerant comments. They make sexist jokes and poke fun at women’s issues.

Ladies, today I am calling you to stand on this truth. We have value. We are uniquely created to fulfill an individual, special calling that God chose specifically for each of us. We are not limited by what society says we can do or accomplish, and not all the important jobs are assigned to men. The genders were designed to function together, side by side, to lift one another up, and to combine our strengths and gifts to further kingdom work, for His glory and purposes. And I’m not talking in the context of marriage. There is a lie out there that tells women they are not complete until they have a spouse. God says we are complete only when we are in relationship with Jesus. And any other relationship we are blessed with, be it marriage, family or friendships, is a gift from God.

Embrace your Genesis 1:27 identity, ladies. Believe what God says about you. Serve with joy and contentment. Know that He has a plan and you are a vital part of it!

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