Kyndra Brown: Releasing is a Choice

To help promote our Awaken Women’s Retreat for 2014, we are going to be posting the speaker profiles for each of our Awaken Breakout Speakers on our blog for the next several weeks.  If you’d like more information on our Awaken Women’s Retreat, you can check out the Awaken 2014 tab on our main page or visit our Awaken Facebook page.

Our second speaker for 2014 is Kyndra Brown.


Kyndra and her husband, Douglas, attend Faith Christian Family Church in Lubbock, Texas.  They have two children and just welcomed their first granddaughter in July.

Kyndra is teaching a breakout session on loss.  If you attended Awaken last year, you might remember having this class as an option, or maybe you attended the class. To refresh your memory, the title of the session is “Releasing is a Choice.” The explanation for the class is as follows, “We all experience grief or loss, which can leave an empty hole in our heart.  We have the choice to hold onto the pain or give it to God.  Let’s learn how to give God the glory and release the pain together.”

We asked Kyndra some questions about her session and herself and this is what she had to say.

AW: Kyndra, you’re teaching your class for the second time on loss.  Why is it important to talk about such a sensitive subject?

KB: The church has a difficult time addressing loss.  It is such an individual process that requires someone to walk through it  with you, or at least give you tools to walk through it.  Women need to know it is okay to grieve, and grief has no time table.

AW: Why do you feel this topic is important, specifically for women?

KB: A lot of women don’t seek help when they experience a major loss, they just push through.  This session begins the process of letting go and allowing the Holy Spirit to shine into the darkness and bring healing.

AW: What do you hope that women will take away from your class?

KB: Through every pain, tear and deep sorrow, God is there.  I want them to see the light of God’s love as it shines through the grief.  Grief is real, normal and everyone will have to experience it at some point in their lives.  If we, as women, can understand the grieving process a little better, we will have an easier time dealing with loss.

My husband and I lost a son, Maximum, and he would have been six years old this year.  Everything I teach on at Awaken is what we went through when we were dealing with our loss.

AW: Is there anything else about your topic or class that you’d like to share with the ladies?

KB: Women can grieve over anything that ends; the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, the loss of a job/career, the loss of a friendship, the loss of a pet, etc.  Grief isn’t all inclusive of just one area of our lives; it includes any area where we feel we’ve lost something that’s important to us.

AW: Kyndra, do you have a favorite scripture?

KB: Micah 6:8 has been my favorite verse for many years; however, within the past year God has been dealing with me on relationship.  I desire the Exodus 33:17-3 type of intimacy with God, so this is becoming my new favorite.

AW: How many years have you attended Awaken and have you taught a breakout session at each one?

KB: This will be my third year attending and my second year speaking on loss.

AW: Why do you think it’s important to have the breakout sessions at Awaken?

KB: At Awaken, women are away from their families, jobs, stressors and can be more sensitive to God’s voice.  They do not have to focus on anyone but themselves.

Thank you Kyndra!  We look forward to your session in October! 🙂



One response to “Kyndra Brown: Releasing is a Choice

  1. I attended Kyndra’s class last year and it was AMAZING. It was such a healing moment, but I also had tools to take home and continue along my journey through grief. Thank you Kyndra for being willing to expose your heart and give of yourself again this Awaken! You are such a blessing!


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