In the Waiting

Psalm 130.5-Sue

I find myself in that place that occasionally happens in life – especially if you’re a daughter of God. I am waiting. I’ve been here before. I know I’ll be here again. And this time, unlike many times before, I feel no anxiety, no fear, no impatience. I guess that’s progress, and in that realization, I smile, take a deep breath, and keep waiting. The difference, this time, is that I have no idea what I’m waiting for.

In the past, there was a thing, a goal, an event that loomed in the future and I was excited or nervous in my anticipation. I would hear the voice of God, and take a step, as He called, and then wait again. I kept my eye on the prize and battled the frequent “what ifs” placed in my thoughts by the enemy. My faith grew as God revealed Himself in each step, and amid strong struggles, I pressed forward – often taking a backward step because of my lack of faith – but fighting my way back to the path and renewing my focus on His voice. In each season of waiting, He has stretched my faith and grown within me a resolve to trust. It’s never easy, but I think it gets less painful with each test. Or at least it should. Trust is a beautiful thing. And it provides a rock-solid foundation for faith.

Today, as I wait for God-knows-what (literally), I am striving to remain in this place of peace – where He has put me – and where He constantly reminds me that He is waiting with me. Everywhere I look these days is another reminder, another passage, another testimony of how He provides and guides. And His words “Be still and know” are not a suggestion – they are a command. A command I must obey if I am to claim the promise –whatever it may be – at the end of this waiting.

I trust Him. I believe His word. And I am content.

Sue bio pic Sue Bergsieker

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