Taking Hold of Your Destiny

Exodus 14.13-14

After God used Moses to free the Israelites, He STILL had to convince them of His power. After all the mighty works they bore witness to time and again, you could say we would see this kind of behavior as “ridiculous”. God revealed himself to them in numerous awe-evoking ways. They not only witnessed miracle upon miracle, answered prayers and His precious protection, they saw His very vengeance. Even so, they were not convinced. After Pharaoh agreed to let the Israelites go and the Red Sea parted for them, they still murmured and complained. God then left them in the desert for 40 years as a test of their faithfulness and to see them turn from their ways.

Similarly, we tend to question God. Some of us have come a long way after experiencing salvation, yet we turn our backs and revert to old habits. “Ridiculous”, right? We experience miracles in our lives. We witness restoration. We tap into the peace only God can provide. We are literally saved from the path of destruction. We even share the works of God. Then little by little we let old things back in. We stop praying and seeking God. We decide we can straddle the fence a bit. We make excuses and justifications and one day realize God isn’t so close anymore. Things don’t seem right. We feel lost. We can’t understand why we’re left to wander in the desert. Remember folks, God has given us the knowledge and power to find our way. The “means” to make it through the tough times. God told Moses, “Behold, I will rain down bread from heaven for you.” (Exodus 16:4) He provides, even in the testing. He believes in us even when we don’t believe in Him. The Israelites took a long time to trust in God. We don’t have to. The Word of God is a map through this wilderness we call life. He has made a way in the desert.

If you start to feel impatient and get the urge to complain to God about the things in your life that aren’t going as you planned, remember sweet friend, if God seems far away it isn’t because He has moved, you have. Get back on track! Take hold of your destiny! We have every resource we need to get back to where God called us. Do not complain and do not grow weary. Trust in Him that brought you out of darkness. The same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has never left YOU.

Jessica picture Jessica Cisneros

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