Stacy Havens and Ramona Murillo: Letting Go of the Hurt

As we did last year, we are posting information on the different Breakout Speakers and sessions at our Awaken Women’s Retreat in October.  If you’d like more information, please click on the Awaken 2015 tab.  All the details are located there!  We’d love to have you if you haven’t signed up, have been every year or have never been!

The next breakout speaker we’d like to introduce you to for Awaken 2015 is actually a pair: Stacy Havens and Ramona Murillo.

Stacy Ramona

For the past several years, Ramona has taught the class, “Letting Go of the Hurt” at Awaken. This year, these ladies are going to tag-team the class, which will bring more depth and explore other areas of this topic during the session.

The information on this breakout session is, “Trauma such as divorce, abuse, abandonment and bullying can plague us throughout our lives and lead to wounded and broken adults. Come and see how the redemptive, restoring love of Jesus brings healing and wholeness to your painful past.”

We asked Stacy for some details on their class. The questions and her responses are below.

AW: Stacy, you and Ramona are doing a tag-team session at Awaken this year and speaking on the topic of childhood hurts. Without giving away too much of your message, tell the ladies a little bit about your topic.

SH: We are believing that the Holy Spirit is going to lead us to Truth and that many of us will begin to break free from the chains that have held us in bondage. Whatever has broken your heart, know that God can heal, restore, and redeem even the worst of our sorrows.

AW: Why do you feel this topic is important to women?

SH: I feel that this topic is important to women because all too often we go through life wounded and broken. For so many of us it is a direct result of trauma that occurred during our childhood. Because we were hurt at any early age, we learned to live and function out of that hurt. Many of us continue to allow the pains of yesterday to control how we live today, and because of the severity of the pain, we find it difficult to know how to forgive and move on.

AW: What do you hope that women take away from your class?

SH: Our prayer for this class is that through principles found in the Word of God, we can learn how to walk in the freedom that is ours in Jesus.

AW: Anything else about your topic or class that you’d like to share with the ladies?

SH: We are so very excited about what God is going to do in the women He brings to this class. There will be shouts of joy in the tents of the righteous!

Thank you, Stacy!! 🙂

Stacy & Ramona’s class is one of the optional afternoon sessions. It will be on Friday afternoon at 1:00pm. There will be a symbolic balloon release immediately following this class for those that attend.

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