Stella Berlanga: Conquering Challenges

As we did last year, we are posting information on the different Breakout Speakers and sessions at our Awaken Women’s Retreat in October. If you’d like more information, please click on the Awaken 2015 tab. All the details are located there! We’d love to have you if you haven’t signed up, have been every year or have never been!

Our breakout speaker for this week is Stella Berlanga.


Stella is speaking on the topic on “Conquering Challenges” and the information on her class is, “Life is riddled with opportunities to become offended, rejected and disappointed. But with God’s awesome power, we can learn to overcome these obstacles and live in true freedom and forgiveness. Join me as we learn ways to conquer these challenges!”

We asked Stella some questions about her upcoming session at Awaken, and below are her responses.

AW: Stella, this year at Awaken you’re speaking on the topic of “Conquering Challenges.” Why do you feel this topic is important to women?

SB: All women face challenges in different seasons of their lives. As Christian women, we must be prepared with the Word when those challenges interrupt our lives.

AW: What do you hope that women will take away from your class?

SB: My prayer is that women will leave my class prepared, equipped and confident that they can overcome any hurdles that life gives.

Thank you Stella! 🙂

Stella’s class will be during the first session on Friday morning.

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