Amanda Bullen: Healthy for Life

This is Week 1 of an 11-week series of posts for our Awaken Women’s Retreat.  Please click on Awaken 2016  or check the tab on our page for more information on our annual retreat in Ruidoso, NM.

For the past few years, we’ve taken time each week to highlight each of our Breakout Speakers for Awaken.  We introduce you to them by putting a face to their name and telling you some information about them and their class.  Over the next eleven weeks, we’ll introduce you to each of our Breakout Speakers and our Main Speakers.  Stay tuned each week to “meet” and learn more about each of our speakers for Awaken 2016.

For our first week, we are highlighting Amanda Bullen.


Session Name: Healthy for Life

Blurb: God designed our bodies to last us a lifetime.  It is our job to exercise and properly fuel ourselves, but where do we start? Come and learn practical ways to begin a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise and fitness.

We asked Amanda to share a little bit about her breakout session.

AW: You’re leading a session on Health & Fitness. Without giving away too much of your message, tell the ladies a little bit about your topic.

AB: It’s basically how to have a balanced, healthy life that lasts and that better equips each of us to minister to those God has placed in our sphere.

AW: Why do you think this topic is important to women?

AB: Since the beginning of time (Eve & the apple), women have struggled with food.  Our lives can be jam-packed, but making sure we are strong for the work God has for us is essential.  We don’t need to have a certain weight or size to be complete, but we need to know how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for our entire lifespan.

AW: What do you hope women will take away from your class?

AB: No matter their age, background or current condition, everyone can do something and start somewhere.  Our bodies are an offering to the Lord.

Thanks Amanda for sharing with us today! 🙂

It’s not too late to get registered for Awaken.  The current rate of $70 is available until September 21.  You can click here to get registered!

Check back next week to see which breakout speaker we highlight next!  Have a blessed week!

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