Stacy Havens: Moms & Past Hurts

This is Week 3 of an 11-week series of posts for our Awaken Women’s Retreat.  Please click on Awaken 2016  or check the tab on our page for more information on our annual retreat in Ruidoso, NM.

This week, we are highlighting Stacy Havens.  Stacy will be teaching TWO breakout sessions at Awaken this year.

StacyOn Friday morning, Stacy’s first class is called, “Moms on a Mission.”

Blurb: It’s easy to become discouraged in the daily “to-do list” for moms, forgetting the tasks have eternal significance.  Come be refreshed and reminded that God has anointed us for a specific mission and is working His plan through the seemingly mundane moments.

AW: Stacy, why is it important to discuss this topic on “moms and parenting”?

SH: It is important to discuss this topic because sometimes us moms need a tender reminder that the call to motherhood carries with it an eternal significance.  In the midst of changing diapers, vacuuming spilled Cheerios, refereeing arguments over who took whose toy and preparing what seems to be fifteen meals a day, we can easily forget that there is a purpose in what we are doing that goes beyond the moment.  We need to be still and remember that in our day-to-day lives, we as moms, are on a holy mission to instill the Kingdom of God in our children.

AW: What do you hope women will take away from your class?

SH: My hope and prayer is that women will come away from this class refreshed and with a deeper understanding of the eternal impact moms have on their children.

And on Friday afternoon, Stacy’s second class is called, “Letting Go of the Hurt.”

Blurb: Trauma such as divorce, abuse, abandonment and bullying often cause us to live wounded and broken throughout our adult years.  Come and see how the redemptive, restoring love of Jesus brings healing and wholeness to our painful past.

AW: Why is it important to discuss this topic on past hurts?

SH: It is important to discuss this topic because so often when we were wounded as children, we continue to live in that hurt well into our adult years.  Often times the brokenness and scars become so much a part of us that we cannot see past them.  We act and react out of a pain that even though it occurred years ago, still haunts us and desperately attempts to keep its hold on us.

AW: What do you hope women will take away from this class?

SH: My earnest prayer for the women who will attend this class is that they begin to walk in freedom from the chains of the past.  I want them to have a revelation of what Jesus has done for them and to start living in that victory that is theirs through Him.

After we finished discussing the details of Stacy’s breakout sessions, we asked her some fun questions, too.

AW: What is your favorite scripture?

SH: My favorite scripture right now is 2 Chronicles 20:15, 17, “Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God’s…Station yourselves, stand and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf…Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out and face them, for the Lord is with you.”

AW: Give one word to describe yourself.

SH: Persistent

AW: If you found a treasure chest, what would you hope was inside?

SH: If I found a treasure chest, I would really hope to find pictures and old home movies of my grandparents and parents.

AW: What do you wish you had an endless supply of?

SH: I would really like to have an endless supply of energy which caused me to jump out of bed every morning at 6:00am and head out to the gym with a bubbly smile on my face.

AW: Without looking (we trust you), can you name all of the themes we’ve had for each of the past years of Awaken? (Hint: we’re on #8)

SH: No, I cannot name all of the themes we’ve had for each of the past years of Awaken.  Are you kidding me!?! Including this year, that would be 8 themes.  Most of the time I cannot even recall the right name for my very own child that I’m trying to get the attention of. 🙂

Okay, well, thank you for answering everything else Stacy!!  We look forward to your breakout sessions in October.  Thank you for visiting with us today!

If anyone still needs to register, please click on the link below.

And as a reminder, we are having weekly contests for $10 gift cards to be used during Awaken.  You must be registered to participate so get signed up so you don’t miss out!! 🙂

Check back with us next Monday for our next highlighted speaker.


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