Paige Allen: Interruption Intersection

This is Week 4 of an 11-week series of posts for our Awaken Women’s Retreat.  Please click on Awaken 2016  or check the tab on our page for more information on our annual retreat in Ruidoso, NM.

This week, we are highlighting Paige Allen.

PaigeWe’d like to introduce you to Paige Allen.  Paige is the Missions Pastor at Church on the Rock in Lubbock, Texas.  She and her husband, Josh, have been married for 16 years and have two girls, Selah, 6 and Haven, 4.

Paige is teaching a breakout session called, “Interruption Intersection.”

Blurb: We’ve all been there. Moving forward in step with God’s plans, when all of a sudden an unexpected interruption hits our life.  Let’s explore navigating detours with grace and faith to allow God to use these interruptions for His glory!

We asked Paige for some more details on her session…

AW: Why is it important to discuss your topic?

PA: We will all face interruptions in our lives.  For some it looks like a never-ending waiting period, while for others it is literally an event that interrupts the vision we had for our life.  So the question isn’t how will we respond if interruptions happen, but how will we respond when they do happen.

I once read a quote by Christine Caine that stopped me in my tracks.  She said, “Your ability to minister is directly proportionate to your ability to handle interruptions and inconveniences.”  Wow!  And as I thought on that statement and brought it before the Lord, He began to show me that ministry isn’t on my time table, but it happens when I allow His love and truth to flow out of my life even in the moments that I deem interruptions.

So I want us to talk about this in more depth – how our great God can and does use moments we’d like to forget for His kingdom and glory.

AW: What do you hope women will take away from your class?

PA: I hope women will leave feeling encouraged that God is with them in their interrupted moments.  I want them to have a change of perspective, and discover that God can and will use the inconveniences of life in a profound way, if we will simply see Him in the midst of it.

Then, we asked Paige some fun questions…

AW: What is your favorite scripture?

PA: Philippians 4:6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests by made known to God.  And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

AW: Give one word to describe yourself.

PA: Becoming (I feel like God is constantly at work in me…and it’s a constant process of becoming His and more of who I really am).

AW: If you found a treasure chest, what would you hope was inside?

PA: Well some gold of course!  But I’d also like a good book, a great pair of shoes, an around the world plane ticket, and dark chocolate. 🙂

Thank you, Paige for taking the time to speak with us!  We look forward to your session at Awaken.

If you still need to register for Awaken, click on the link below so you can get signed up.

And see you next Monday for our next Breakout Speaker highlight!  Have a wonderful week!! 🙂


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