Sydney Bacon: Get It, Girl

This is Week 5 of an 11-week series of posts for our Awaken Women’s Retreat.  Please click on Awaken 2016  or check the tab on our page for more information on our annual retreat in Ruidoso, NM.

This week, our featured breakout speaker is Sydney Bacon.


Sydney has worked in the office at FCFC for the past five years.  She also helps with our Fusion youth and with the media team on Sunday mornings.

Sydney’s breakout session class is geared toward the high school and college-age women at Awaken.  Her class is called “Get It, Girl.”

The blurb for her class is: “This season of singlehood for young women can be cool, yet confusing.  We will learn how to let Christ be the root of our core and realize His love is unfailing and unchanging, even when things aren’t going our way.”

We chatted with Sydney about her class and here’s what she had to say…

AW: Why is it important to discuss your topic?

SB: I want every girl that walks in to learn to love the season that they are in.  We are always looking toward the next season that we don’t ever take the time to sit and simply enjoy where the Lord has us even if that season isn’t right where we had planned to be.

AW: What do you hope women will take away from your class?

SB: To learn to love themselves right where they are and for who they are, without the need to compare to everyone around them.

And now for some fun stuff about Sydney…

AW: What is your favorite scripture?

SB: Nehemiah 8:10, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

AW: Give one word to describe yourself.

SB: Silly

AW: If you found a treasure chest, what would you hope was inside?

SB: I wish that ol treasure chest was full of glitter!!!! Multi-color glitter!! 🙂

AW: What do you wish you had an endless supply of?

SB: An endless supply of jokes!  I love to laugh and make others laugh!

AW: Without looking (we trust you), can you name all of the themes we’ve had for each of the past years of Awaken? (Hint: we’re on #8)

SB: Newest to oldest





Love Life

Be Alert, Be Present

AW: Well, I think you’re the first that has even attempted to answer that last question.  Way to get 6 out of 8, Sydney!!   Thanks for chatting with us this week! 🙂

If you still need to get signed up, please click on the link below.

See y’all next week for our next featured breakout speaker!


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